Church hypocrites?

by Spurgeon

No man who is not united in his heart vitally and entirely to
Christ, can ever be of the slightest service to the church of God.

Oh, if there be a place where sinners are more loathsome
to God than anywhere else, it is in his church.

A dog in its kennel is well enough- but a
dog in the throne-room is quite out of place.

A sinner in the world is bad enough-
but in the church he is hideous!

A madman in an asylum is a creature to be pitied,
but a madman who protests he is not mad, and will
thrust himself among us that he may obtain means
of doing mischief, is not merely to be pitied,
he is to be avoided, and needs to be restrained.

God hates sin anywhere, but when sin puts its fingers
upon his divine altar; when it comes and lays its insolent
hand upon the sacrifice that is burning there, then God
spurns it from him with disgust.

Of all men, who stand in the most likely place to receive the
mightiest thunderbolt, and the most terrible lightning's flash,
those are the men who have a divided heart, and profess to
serve God, while with their souls they are serving sin.

Take heed, sinner, take heed, running on in your sin you will
meet with punishment. But after all, O hypocrite, look well
to your ways, for your sin and your lie together shall bring
down a dread and swift destruction upon your devoted head.