Christ rightly known...

From Spurgeon's sermon, "LOVE TO JESUS"

CHRIST rightly known is most surely Christ beloved.

No sooner do we discern his excellencies, behold his glories,
and partake of his bounties, than our heart is at once moved
with love towards him.

Let him but speak pardon to our guilty souls,
we shall not long delay to speak words of love
to his most adorable person.

It is utterly impossible for a man to know himself
to be complete in Christ, and to be destitute of love
towards Christ Jesus.

A believer may be in Christ, and yet, from a holy jealousy,
he may doubt his own affection to his Lord; but love is most
assuredly in his bosom, for that breast which has never
heaved with love to Jesus, is yet a stranger to the
blood of sprinkling.

He that loves not, has not seen Christ, neither known him.

As the seed expands in the moisture and the heat, and sends
forth its green blade - so when the soul becomes affected
with the mercy of the Savior, it puts forth its shoots of love
to him and desire after him.