The chief among ten thousand,
  the altogether lovely One!

(by Octavius Winslow)

With what pen, dipped though it were in heaven's
brightest hues, can we portray the image of Jesus?
The perfection of our Lord was the perfection of
holiness. His Deity, essential holiness; His humanity
without sin, the impersonation of holiness. All that
He was, said, and did, was as flashes of holiness
emanating from the fountain of essential purity,
and kindling their dazzling and undying radiance
around each step He trod. How lowly, too, His
character! How holy the thoughts He breathed,
how pure the words He spoke, how humble the
spirit He exemplified, how tender and sympathizing
the outgoings of His compassion and love to man.
He is "the chief among ten thousand, the
altogether lovely one!