There is a 'boasting bump' on all our heads?

from Spurgeon's, "The Fourfold Treasure" #991

How foolish are those who are proud of the beauty
of their bodies; worms' food at the best!

How foolish are they who are proud of their
wisdom! The wisdom of which a man is proud,
is but folly in a thin disguise.

How foolish are those who are vain of their
wealth! He must be a poor man who can think
much of gold. He must be a beggar indeed who
counts a piece of dirt a treasure!

Those who know Christ, always value these things
at their right estimate, and that is low indeed.

If any boasting; and I suppose it is natural to
us to boast; there is a 'boasting bump' on all
our heads; let us boast in the Lord.

O men, O angels, O cherubim, O seraphim, boast in
Jesus Christ! Wisdom, righteousness, sanctification,
and redemption is he, therefore you may boast and
boast, and boast again!

You will never exaggerate.

You cannot exceed his worth, or reach the tenth of it.
You can never go beyond the truth, you do not even
reach beyond the skirts of his garments.

So glorious is he that all the angels harps cannot
sound forth half his glory. So blessed is Christ that
the orchestra of the countless multitudes of the
redeemed, though it continue forever and forever
its pealing music, can never reach to the majesty
of his name or the glory of his work.

"Give unto the Lord, O you mighty, give unto the
Lord glory and strength. Give unto the Lord the
glory due unto his name."