Bands of everlasting love!

-Spurgeon, "BANDS OF LOVE"

The saints were from the beginning joined
to Christ by bands of everlasting love!

Before He took on Him their nature, or brought them into
a conscious enjoyment of Himself, His heart was set upon
their persons, and His soul delighted in them.

Long before the worlds were made, His prescient eye
beheld His chosen, and viewed them with delight.

Strong were the indissoluble bands of love which then
united Jesus to the souls whom He determined to redeem.

Not bars of brass, or triple steel, could
have been more real and effectual bonds.

True love, of all things in the universe, has the greatest
cementing force, and will bear the greatest strain, and
endure the heaviest pressure.

Who shall tell what trials the Savior's love has borne;
and how well it has sustained them?