A Very Tempest of Delight!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "LOVE'S LOGIC"

What will it be like, to Love Jesus When We Get to Heaven?

Here we utterly fail in description or conception.

The best enjoyments of Christ ON EARTH are but as the
'dipping our finger' in water for the cooling of our thirst.
But HEAVEN is 'bathing' in seas of bliss!

Even so our love here is but one drop of the same substance as
the waters of the ocean, but not comparable for magnitude or depth.

Oh, how sweet it will be to be married to the Lord Jesus, and to
enjoy for ever, and without any interruption, the heavenly delights
of his society!

Surely, if a GLIMPSE of him melts our soul, the FULL FRUITION
of him will be enough to burn us up with affection!

It is well that we shall have more noble frames in heaven than
we have here, otherwise we should die of love in the very land
of life. An honored saint was once so ravished with a revelation
of his Lord's love, that feeling his mortal frame to be unable
to sustain more of such bliss, he cried, "Stop, Lord, it is enough,
it is enough!" But there we shall be able to set the Bottomless Well
of Love to our lips, and drink on for ever, and yet feel no weakness.

Ah, that will be love indeed which shall overflow
our souls forever in our Father's house above!

Who can tell the Transports, the Raptures, the Amazements
of Delight which that love shall beget in us?

And who can guess the sweetness of the song, or the swiftness of
the obedience which will be the heavenly expressions of love made

No heart can conceive the surpassing bliss which the saints
shall enjoy when the Sea of Their Love to Christ and the
Ocean of Christ's Love to Them, Shall Meet Each Other,
and Raise a Very Tempest of Delight!