A special, personal, distinguishing love!

from Bonar's book, "The Night of Weeping"

It is sweet to realize the common love flowing
out of the Father's bosom to the whole happy
household of His saved ones; but it is no less
sweet, especially in the day of trial, to dwell
upon the personal love He bears so distinctively
to each of His children.

Jesus has a special, personal, distinguishing
for each of His children; just as if He
loved no other, but had His whole heart to
give to us alone. His is a detailed and watchful
care, bending over each of His children, day
and night, as if He had no other to care for.

How sweet to think that each of us is the
special object of such personal affection, the
particular object of such unwearied vigilance!

What manner of love is this!

We are sure that we shall be fully cared for,
and not one need or sorrow will be overlooked.

We know that "all things shall work together
for our good," and that the end of everything
which befalls us here shall be light and glory