Love's food?

by Spurgeon

Love is love's food.

There is a power in Christ's love which conquers, captivates, and
overpowers the man, so that he cannot but love Christ in return.

Godís love has a GENERATIVE power-
our love to him is brought forth by his love to us.

The best way for begetting love to Christ is a sense of the love
of Christ to us. His love is a loadstone to attract our love.

As fire grows by the addition of fuel, so does our love to Christ
increase by renewed and enlarged discoveries of his love to us.

Where much of divine love is perceived by the soul, there will be
a return of affection in some degree proportionate to the measure
of the manifestation. As we pour water into a dry pump when we
desire to obtain more ó so must we have the love of Christ imparted
to the heart before we shall feel any uprisings of delight in Him.

We have all too much cause to mourn the poverty of our love.
Beloved fellow Christian, pray for more open discoveries of the
love and loveliness of Christ, and thus shall your languid passions
move more readily in the paths of obedience.