From Spurgeon's sermon, "HYPOCRISY"

A hypocrite may be known by the fact that his speech
and his actions are contrary to one another.

As Jesus says, "they do not practice what they preach."

The hypocrite can speak like an angel,
he can quote texts with the greatest rapidity;
he can talk concerning all matters of religion,
whether they be theological doctrines, metaphysical
questions, or experimental difficulties.

In his own esteem he knows much and when he rises to speak,
you will often feel abashed at your own ignorance in the
presence of his superior knowledge.

But see him when he comes to ACTIONS.
What do you behold there?

The fullest contradiction of everything that he has uttered.
He tells to others that they must obey the law-
does he obey it? Ah! no.

He declares that others must experience this, that,
and the other, and he sets up a fine scale of experience,
far above even that of the Christian himself;
but does he touch it?
No, not with so much as one of his fingers.

He will tell others what they should do;
but will he remember his own teaching?
Not he!

Follow him to his house; trace him to the market,
see him in the shop, and if you want to refute his
preaching you may easily do it from his own life.

My hearer! is this your case?

You are a member of a church, a deacon, a minister.
Is this your case?

Is your life a contradiction to your words?

Do your hands witness against your lips?

How does it stand with you?

'Talk' is easy, but 'walk' is hard.

'Speech' any man may attain unto, but 'act' is difficult.

We must have grace within to make our life holy;
but 'lip-piety' needs no grace.

Some people I know of are like inns, which have an angel hanging
outside for a sign, but they have a devil within for a landlord.

There are many men of that kind; they take good care to
have an excellent sign hanging out, they must be known by
all men to be strictly religious; but within, which is the
all-important matter, they are full of wickedness.

There are many books which are excellently bound,
but there is nothing within them; and there are many
persons that have a very good spiritual exterior,
but there is nothing whatever in the heart.

Do you not know some of them?

Perhaps if you know yourself you may discover one.