Without the Spirit...

by Spurgeon-

When the Spirit of God is gone, even truth itself becomes an
iceberg. How wretched is religion when it becomes frozen and
lifeless! The Holy Spirit is gone, and all energy and enthusiasm
have gone with him.

What the valleys would be without their brooks, or the cities
without their wells; what the corn-fields would be without the
sun, or the vintage without the summer- that would our
churches be without the Spirit. As well think of day without
light, or life without breath, or heaven without God, as of
Christian service without the Holy Spirit.

Nothing can supply his place if he is absent: the pastures are a
desert, the fruitful fields are a wilderness, Sharon languishes,
and Carmel is burned with fire.

Blessed Spirit of the Lord, forgive us that we have done such
despite to you, by our forgetfulness of you, by our proud self-
sufficiency, by resisting your influences, and quenching your
fire! Henceforth work in us according to your own excellence.
Make our hearts tenderly impressible, and then turn us as wax
to the seal, and stamp upon us the image of the Son of God.