What a difference!


What a difference
there will be then between the babe of
Bethlehem's manger, hunted by Herod, carried down by night
into Egypt for shelter, and the King of kings and Lord of lords,
before whom every knee must bow!

What a difference between the weary man and full of woes,
and he that shall then be girt with glory, sitting on a
throne encircled with a rainbow!

From the derision of men, to the throne of universal judgment-
what an ascent!

What a contrast between the "despised and rejected of men,"
and the universally-acknowledged Lord, before whom Caesar
and pontiffs shall bow into the dust.
He who was judged at Pilate's bar, shall summon all to his bar.

What a change from the shame and spitting, from the nails and
the wounds, the mockery and the thirst, and the dying anguish- to
the glory in which he shall come whose eyes are as a flame of fire,
and out of whose mouth there goes a two-edged sword!

He whom the nations abhorred, shall judge the nations.
He shall break them in pieces like a potter's vessel, even
those who cast him out as unworthy to live among them.

Oh, how we ought to bow before him now, as he reveals himself
in his tender sympathy, and in his generous humiliation!

Let us kiss the Son lest he be angry; let us yield to his grace,
that we may not be crushed by his wrath.

You sinners, bow before those pierced feet, or else they
will tread you like clusters in the wine-press.

Look up to him with weeping, and confess your forgetfulness of him,
and put your trust in him; lest he look down on you in indignation.

Oh, remember that he will one day say-
"But those mine enemies, which would not have me reign
over them, bring them here, and slay them before me."

To be trampled beneath the foot which was nailed to
the cross will be to be crushed indeed.