Viewing hell from heaven!


The righteous in heaven will be quite satisfied
with the damnation of the lost.

I used to think that if I could see the lost in hell,
surely I must weep for them.

Could I hear their horrid wailings, and see the dreadful
contortions of their anguish, surely I must pity them.

But there is no such sentiment as that known in heaven.

The believer shall be there so satisfied with all of God's will,
that he will quite forget the lost, in the idea that God has done
it for the best, that even their loss has been their own fault,
and that God is infinitely just in it.

If my parents could see me in hell they would not have a tear to
shed for me, though they were in heaven, for they would say,
"It is only just, great God; and your justice must be magnified,
as well as your mercy;" and moreover, they would feel that God
was so much above his creatures that they would be satisfied to
see those creatures crushed if it might increase God's glory.

Oh! in heaven I believe we shall think rightly of "men".
Here "men" seem great things to us; but in heaven they will
seem no more than a few creeping insects that are swept
away in ploughing a field for harvest.

From heaven's viewpoint, "men" will appear no more than a
tiny handful of dust, or like some nest of wasps that ought
to be exterminated for the injury they have done.

"Men" will appear such little things when we sit on high with God,
and look down on the nations of the earth as "grasshoppers",
and "count the isles as very little things."