The torments in hell are manifold

by Thomas Boston-

Suppose the case that a man had, at one and the same
time in his body, all the various diseases and pains of
mankind-- the torment of such a man would be but
light in comparison of the torments of the damned.

For, as in hell there is an absence of all that is good and
desirable, so there is the confluence of all evils there;
since all the effects of sin and of the curse take their place
in it, after the last judgment--
'And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.'

There they will find a prison a prison they can never
escape out of; a lake of fire, where they will ever
swimming and burning; a pit, whereof they will never
find a bottom.
The worm that never dies, shall forever feed
on them, as on bodies which are interred;
the fire that is not quenched shall devour them,
as dead bodies which are burned.

Their eyes shall be kept in blackness of darkness,
without the least comfortable gleam of light;
their ears filled with frightful yellings of the infernal crew.

They shall taste nothing but the sharpness of God's wrath,
the dregs of the cup of His fury.
The stench of the burning lake of brimstone will be the
smell there; and they shall feel extreme pains there.