That terrible day!

by Spurgeon-

I think I see that terrible day!

The bell of time has tolled the last day.
Now comes the funeral of damned souls.
Your body has just started up from the grave,
and you unwind your shroud, and you look up.

What is that I see?
O! what is that I hear?
I hear one dread, tremendous blast, that shakes the pillars of
heaven, and makes the firmament reel with affright-
The trump, the trump, the trump of the arch-angel
shakes creation's utmost bound!

You look and wonder. Suddenly a voice is heard, and
shrieks from some, and songs from others-- He comes!
He comes! He comes! and every eye must see him!

There he is!
The throne is set upon a cloud, which is white as alabaster.
There he sits!
It's Him, the Man that died on Calvary!
I see his pierced hands- but ah, how changed!
No thorn-crown now. He once stood at Pilate's bar, but
now the whole earth must stand at his bar.

But hark! the trumpet sounds again-
the Judge opens the book, there is silence in heaven,
a solemn silence- the universe is still--
"Gather my elect together, and my redeemed from the four
winds of heaven." Swiftly they are gathered.
As with a lightning flash, the angel's wing divides the crowd.
Here are the righteous all in-gathered.

But sinner, there you are on the left hand, left out,
left to abide the burning sentence of eternal wrath!