The solitary object of His love!

(from "The Preciousness of Trial" by Winslow)

It is a great mercy when we can retire from the
crowd and deal with God individually; when we
can take the precious promises to ourselves
individually; when we can repair to Jesus with
individual sins, infirmities, and sorrows; feeling
that His eye bends its glance upon us; His ear
bows down to us; His hand is outstretched to us;
His whole heart absorbed in us as though not
another petitioner or sufferer offered a request,
or unveiled a sorrow. As if, in a word, we were
the solitary object of His love!

His invitation to you is, "Come unto Me."

He would have you come.

You cannot honor Him more than recognizing His
personal relation to yourself, and disclosing your
personal circumstances, making personal confession
of personal sin, presenting personal needs, and
unveiling personal infirmities, backslidings, and sorrows.