The Robe!

From Spurgeon's, "The Treasure of Grace"

God's children are wrapped around with a robe,
a seamless robe, which earth and heaven could
not buy the like of if it, were it once lost.

For texture it excels the fine linen of the merchants;
for whiteness it is purer than the driven snow;
no looms on earth could make it, but Jesus spent
his life to make my robe of righteousness.

There was a drop of blood in every throw of the shuttle,
and every thread was made of his own heart's agonies.

It is a robe that is divine, complete; a better one than Adam
wore in the perfection of Eden. Adam had but a human
righteousness though a perfect one, but we have a divinely
perfect righteousness.

Strangely, my soul, are you arrayed, for your Savior's
garment is on you- the royal robe of David is wrapped
about his Jonathan.

Look at God's people as they are clothed
also in the garments of 'sanctification'.

Was there ever such a robe as that?

It is literally stiff with jewels.

Every day he arrays the lowliest of his people
as though it were a wedding day. He arrays them
 as a bride adorns herself with jewels. He will
have them dressed in gold of Ophir.

What riches of grace then must there be in God
who thus clothes his children!