The Preciousness of God's Children

from "The Preciousness of God's Children" by Winslow

Oh, how precious to Jesus is
your tear of godly sorrow;
your touch of trembling faith;
your look of lowly love;
your offering of sincere gratitude;
your yearning and longing of holy desire!

So precious to Jesus are you, that
His ear is attentive to your faintest cry;
His thoughts are never withdrawn from you for a moment;
His hand is ever extended to support you.

You are so precious to Jesus that
He sits at the fountain of grace to supply all your need;
He bows His shoulder to your heaviest burden;
He unveils His heart to your deepest sorrow.

O believer, do not live without a deep, constant
realization of your preciousness to Jesus; and
the depth, tenderness, and constancy of the
love He bears towards you. Let your faith grasp
it, amid the varied phases and changes of your
Christian course, and it will be as a sweet flowing
stream gliding and sparkling by your side all
through the sandy desert, imparting swiftness
to your feet in travel, strength to your hand in
labor, nerve to your arm in battle; soothing,
reviving, and refreshing your spirit when sad,
faint, and drooping by the way.

Be assured of your personal place in His
affections, and your home and sanctuary in
His heart, and no act of obedience, of love,
or of service on your part, will be too costly.

Your love to Him will be the reflection of His
love to you, proportioned in its degree and
intensity to the vividness with which His love
is seen and realized.

Reader, let your eye see His beauty!

Bow your heart before His cross!

Fall at His feet!

Crown Him Lord and Sovereign of your soul!