The open gate to damnation!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "THE WAY TO GOD"

It is not needful that you should hate God or that you
should go to war with him in order to destroy yourself.

The simple 'neglect of God' is enough to ruin you.

Thus has the apostle put it-
"How shall we escape if we NEGLECT so great salvation?"

You need not fly upon the thick bosses of Jehovah's buckler,
you need not rush upon the point of his glittering spear.

Stand still and do nothing; regard him not;
shut your eyes to his existence, and engross
yourself with the grovelling toys of earth,
and you have as surely destroyed yourselves,
as if you had defied him to his face.

'Neglect of God' is the open gate to damnation.

To forget God is to ensure a portion in the
lake which burns with fire and brimstone.