O man, plunge into this river!

Spurgeon, "Precious, Honorable, Beloved" #917

"I have loved you." Isaiah 43:4.

Come, heir of heaven, listen a moment.

God has loved you eternally. Before the stars
began to shine, and before the sun knew his
place and poured forth his oceans of light,
God loved you in particular!

He has loved you actively and effectually,
giving the unspeakable gift of His Only Begotten
Son for you! He has given you everything in Him;
a boundless ocean of love!

He has loved you supremely, better than the angels.

He has loved you unchangeably, never less,
and never more. In all your sin the same;
in all your sorrow still the same.

He has loved you immeasurably. You can never know
the heights and depths of your God's love to you.

O man, plunge into this river!

If you have hitherto gone wading into it up
to the ankles, now get heart high into it!
Yes, commit yourself to the fathomless
stream, and swim in it as in a sea of bliss!

"I have loved you."

Let that dwell richly in your heart, and ring out
celestial music for your comfort and delight!