Miserable suicide of my own soul!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Warning Neglected"

Let every man remember that if he perish after having
heard the Gospel, he will be his own murderer.

Sinner, you will drive the dagger into your heart yourself.

If you despise the Gospel, you are preparing fuel for your
own bed of flames, you are hammering out the chain for
your own everlasting binding; and when damned, your
 mournful reflection will be this--

"I have damned myself,
I cast myself into this pit;
for I rejected the Gospel;
I despised the message;
I trod under foot the Son of Man;
I would have none of his rebukes;
I would not hearken to his exhortations,
and now I perish by mine own hand,
the miserable suicide of my own soul."