If you do not turn...

by Spurgeon-

There is grace for the man who quits his sin,
but there is tribulation and wrath upon every man
who continues in evil.
"If you do not turn, he will whet his sword;
he has bent his bow, and made it ready."

The gospel is all tenderness to the repenting,
but all terror to the obstinate offender.
It has pardon for the very chief of sinners,
and mercy for the vilest of the vile,
if they will forsake their sins.

But it is according to our gospel that if a person goes on in
his iniquity, he shall be cast into hell, and he that believes
not shall be damned.

With deep love to the souls of men, I bear witness to the
truth that he who does not turn with repentance and faith
to Christ, shall go away into punishment as everlasting as
the life of the righteous.