How precious!

(From Octavius Winslow's, "The Fresh Oil")

Oh, there is more real value in one ray of the
Spirit's light, beaming in upon a man's soul, than
in all the teaching which books can ever impart!

What tongue is sufficiently gifted to describe
how precious is the gift of the Holy Spirit?

How precious is his indwelling;
an ever ascending,
heaven panting,
God thirsting,
Christ desiring Spirit!

How precious are all the revelations he makes of Christ!

How precious
the consolations he brings,
the promises he seals,
the teachings he imparts;
all the emotions he awakens,
the holy breathings he inspires, and
the affections he creates.

How precious are those graces in
the soul of which he is the Author;
the faith that leads to a precious Savior,
the love that rises to a gracious God, and
the holy affections which flow forth to all the saints!