The day is come!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "HIS NAME - WONDERFUL!"

The day is come
, the day of wrath, the day of fire!

The ages are ended.

The last century, like the last pillar of a dilapidated temple,
has crumbled to its fall.

The clock of time is verging to its last hour.

It is on the stroke.

The time is come when the things that are made must disappear.

Lo, I see earth's viscera stirring.
A thousand hills give up the slumbering dead.
The battle fields are clothed no more with the rich harvests that
have been fertilized with blood; but a new harvest has sprung up.

The fields are thick with men!

The sea itself becomes a prolific mother, and though
she has swallowed men alive, she gives them up again,
and they stand before God, an exceeding great army.

Sinners! you have risen from your tombs-
the pillars of heaven are reeling;
the sky is moving to and fro;
the sun, the eye of this great world, is rolling
like a maniac's, and glaring with dismay.

The moon that long has cheered the night now makes the
darkness terrible, for she is turned into a clot of blood.

Signs and wonders past imagination, make the heavens shake,
and make men's hearts tremble within them.

Suddenly upon a cloud there comes one like
unto the Son of Man!

Sinners! picture your astonishment and
your wonder when you see him!