Christian, shall I tell you a secret?

Spurgeon, "God's Own Gospel Call" Isaiah 55:3.

Christian, shall I tell you a secret?

Before you were born, and before this round
world was made, the Lord thought of you.
Your name was in his book. You were on his
heart. The Lord loved you, and chose you
unto himself before the beginning of time.
Do you hear that? You are his elect. He
ordained you to eternal life, and that life
he freely gives.

Shall I tell you further of that secret?
He gave you to his Son, to be his portion, his
reward, his Bride; and that divine Son undertook
to redeem you, to save you, and to bring you
safely to his eternal glory!

He has made you his child; and, as his child, you
shall be an heir of God, a joint heir with Jesus Christ!

You think yourself to be the lowest of the low,
and least deserving of men, and so you may be.
But the infinite grace of God will put you among
the royal children; for he takes the beggar from
the ash heap and sets him among princes, even
the princes of his people.

The Lord determines to do nothing less for you
than to set you on his throne, in the image of
Christ, without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing!

Oh that you would learn how deep the mines
of Jehovah's love, and how high the blessings
of his favor!

I, an unworthy sinner, shall dwell with the Lord God in the glory!

I am a monument of grace, a trophy of all conquering love!