A love surpassing thought!

(by Spurgeon)

If we are children of God, we are dearly beloved
by God. Did you ever try to get that thought into
your mind, that God loves you?

I can understand that God 'pities' me; that is a
feeling which so vastly superior a being might
well feel to so inferior an existence.

But that he loves me is scarcely conceivable,
although it is most sure and certain.

Who can drink this well dry? Who can bear
home this fruitful sheaf of delights, this
purple cluster of Eshcol?

Children of God are loved by their Father
with a love surpassing thought!

As his children, we have access to God at
all hours, the father's door is never locked
against his much loved children.

Our cry he knows even as a father knows
his child's cry, from every other sound.

All our needs are provided for, and our
Father's loving heart watches over all our
wanderings, and forgives all our offenses.