Faith & Works

from Spurgeon's sermon, "THE WEDDING GARMENT"

Too many professors pacify themselves with the idea
that they possess 'imputed righteousness', while they
are indifferent to the sanctifying work of the Spirit.

No man ever had the 'imputed righteousness of Christ'
without receiving at the same time, a measure of the
righteousness wrought in us by the Holy Spirit.

Justification by faith is not contrary to
the production of good works.

The faith by which we are justified, is the faith which produces
holiness, and no man is justified by faith which does not also
sanctify him, and deliver him from the love of sin.

Godliness does not consist in 'profession', but must
be proved by inward vitality and outward holiness.

There is none in heaven or earth thought more despicable,
more fit to be thrown away as rubbish and offal, than a man
who had a Christian name, but had not the essentials of the
Christian's nature.