The wordless book!

Spurgeon, "Zechariah's Vision of Joshua the High Priest"

I have heard of a certain man that he always carried
about with him a little book. This little book had
only three pages in it, and there was not a single
word in the book.

The first was a sheet of jet-black paper;
the next was a sheet of scarlet-red; and
the next was a sheet of white without spot.

Day by day he used to take out this little book, and
at last he told someone the secret of what it meant.

He explained, there is the black page- that is my sin, and the
wrath of God which my sin deserves. I look, and look, and
think it is not black enough, though it is black as black can be.

Then the next, that is the page of the atoning sacrifice,
the precious blood — the red page — how I do delight
to look at that, and look, and look again.

Then there is the white page, that is my soul, as it is washed in
Jesus’ blood, made white as snow, through the righteousness
of Jesus Christ, and washing in the fountain which Christ has
filled from his own veins.