Wives and husbands....

The following excerpts are by Spurgeon-

It is doleful living where the WIFE, instead of reverencing
her husband, is always wrangling and railing at him.

It must be a good thing when such women are hoarse,
and it is a pity that they have not as many blisters on
their tongues as they have teeth in their jaws.

God save us all from wives who are--
angels in the streets,
saints in the church,
and devils at home!

I have never tasted of such bitter herbs,
but I pity from my very heart those who have
this diet every day of their lives.

HUSBANDS should try to make home happy and holy.

It is an ill bird that fouls his own nest-
a bad man who makes his home wretched.

Our house ought to be a little church, with
"Holiness to the Lord" over the door;
but it ought never to be a prison,
where there is plenty of rule and order,
but little love and no pleasure.

Married life is not all sugar, but grace in
the heart will keep away most of the sours.

Godliness and love can make a man, like a bird in a
hedge, sing among thorns and briers, and set others
a singing too.

It should be the husband's pleasure to please his wife,
and the wife's care to care for her husband.

He is kind to himself who is kind to his wife.