Sham difficulties!

Spurgeon, "Nathaniel, The Man Needed for the Day"

The objections which most unsaved people
raise are not their real objections, but only
pretended difficulties to hide their real
reasons for opposition.

Most scorn Christ because they
do not want to give up their sin!

They pick up some technical question; some
difficulty raised by geology or evolution, or
something or other, and they make a fuss
over it; while the real impediment is that
they are living an unclean life and do not
want to give up their evil ways!

This is where the true difficulty lies.

But they do not care to mention the real
impediment to their coming to Christ, and
therefore they pretend that they are the
victims of some awful mystery, or terrible
dogma which frightens them out of their

We know the bugbears which these deceivers
set up. They deceive themselves more than
they deceive anybody else.

He is the sincere seeker who does not play
at sham difficulties but who speaks out at
once and tells what the point is that hinders
him from coming to Christ.

Alas, men do not find Jesus, for there is
deceit in their hearts and they do not really
desire to find Him. They do not really want
to know Him, and so they remain ignorant.

Let there be no trifling, no mocking God.

In the Last Great Day, when that curtain
shall be drawn back which hides from our
eyes all souls that are lost; if we are
permitted to look into that dreadful place;
we shall not find there a soul that ever
sincerely cried to God for mercy through Jesus.

Hell is filled through that deceitfulness of
the natural heart which will not let them
receive Jesus and His salvation. They blind
their own eyes to the light of God.
"...The light from heaven came into the world,
but they loved the darkness more than the light,
for their actions were evil. They hate the light
because they want to sin in the darkness. They
stay away from the light for fear their sins will
be exposed and they will be punished." John 3:19-20