No escape!

from Spurgeon, "Last Things" No. 667 Proverbs 5:11.

We are immortal, every one of us, and when the
stars go out and Sol's great furnace is extinguished
for lack of fuel, and, like a vesture, Godís wide
universe shall be rolled up, we shall be living still,
a life as eternal as the Eternal God himself.

Oh, when we leave this world, we are told that
after death there comes a judgment to us.

How will you face him, you that have despised him?
You who have doubted his deity, how will you bear
the blaze of it? You rejected and trampled on his
precious blood, how will you bear the weight of his
almighty arm? When on the cross you would not
receive him, and when on the throne you shall
not escape from him!

That silver scepter which he stretches out now to
you, if you refuse to touch it, shall be laid aside,
and he will take one of another metal, a rod of iron,
and he shall break you in pieces, yes, he shall dash
you in pieces like potters' vessels!

What will it be to stand at the bar of God and to
receive from him the sentence of damnation!

Your eyes shall see him in that day;
you shall understand his presence.

You will try to be hidden from him; you would desire
hell itself, and think it a place of shelter, if you could
escape from him; but everywhere that fire shall encircle
you, shall consume you, for "our God is a consuming fire."

You shall no more be able to escape from yourself than
from God. You shall find him as present with you as your
own soul will be, and you shall feel his hand of fire
searching for the chords of your soul, and sweeping
with a doleful Miserere all the heart-strings of your spirit.

Misery unspeakable must be yours when the
voice of the God-man, shall say, "Depart,
you cursed ones, into everlasting fire in hell.Ē