Look Forward!


In the Christian pilgrimage it is well for
the most part to be 'looking forward'.

Whether it be for hope, for joy, for consolation,
or for the inspiring of our love, 'the future'
must be the grand object of the eye of faith.

Looking into the future we see sin cast out,
the body of sin and death destroyed,
the soul made perfect and fit to be a partaker
of the inheritance of the saints in light.

And looking further yet, the believer's soul can see
Death's river passed, the gloomy stream forded;
he can behold the hills of light on which stands the celestial city;
he sees himself enter within the pearly gates, hailed as more than
a conqueror - crowned by the hand of Christ, embraced in the
arms of Jesus, glorified with him, made to sit together with him
on his throne, even as he has overcome and has sat down with
the Father upon his throne.

The sight of the future
may well relieve the darkness of the past;
the hopes of the world to come
may banish all the doubtings of the present.

Hush, my fears!
This world is but a narrow span,
and you shall soon have passed it.

Hush, hush, my doubts!
Death is but a narrow stream,
and you shall soon have forded it.

Time, how short - eternity, how long!

Death, how brief - immortality, how endless!