Heavenly Glory!

by Don Fortner

Those who trust the Lord Jesus Christ are "heirs of
God and joint-heirs with Christ." GLORY awaits us!
I do not pretend to know much about it; but I do know
this - In that blessed state called GLORY, every chosen,
blood bought, saved sinner shall be WITH Christ and
LIKE Christ forever!

IN HEAVEN'S GLORY, the purpose of God in sovereign,
eternal election and predestination will be fulfilled
(Rom. 8:29; Eph. 1:4-6). One great object of our
heavenly Father in choosing us unto salvation in
Christ was that we might be made perfect, holy,
unblameable, and unreproveable before him-
not just as a matter of judicial record, but in
actuality! And God shall have his purpose fulfilled.

IN HEAVENLY GLORY, our great Savior "Shall See of
the Travail of His Soul, and Shall Be Satisfied."
The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ shall not be
discovered a miscarriage. Every blood-bought sinner
will be presented by him, before the presence of
the glory of the triune God, washed in his blood,
robed in his righteousness, in the perfection of
absolute holiness (Jude 24-25). So thorough and
complete is that righteousness which he makes to
be ours that when God himself searches for our
iniquities, transgressions, and sins, he shall
find none! (Jer. 50:20)

IN HEAVENLY GLORY, all the truest, deepest desires
and longings of every saved sinner shall at last be
perfectly fulfilled! What is it that you truly want,
my brother, my sister? In the depths of your soul,
what do you truly desire? Does your heart long to be
free from all sin and pant for perfect holiness?
Do you crave perfect, uninterrupted communion and
fellowship with Christ? Does your soul beg for grace
to live in absolute, perfect consecration to God?
All this shall be yours in that state of glory
awaiting us. All this, and more, is included in
this promise- "We Shall Be LIKE Him, for We Shall
See Him as He Is!"