Has the Gospel Christianized your home?

(From Octavius Winslow's, "The Desire to See Jesus")

It is impossible to love Jesus ardently, to
behold Him spiritually, and to study Him
closely, and not be molded, in some degree,
into His lovely likeness!

Has the Gospel of Jesus made your temper
milder, your heart purer, your life holier?

Has it softened your churlishness, subdued
your moroseness, sweetened your disposition,
rendering you more attractable, admired, and

Has it converted your penuriousness into liberality,
your pride into humility, your selfishness into
generosity, your love of ease and sloth into
active service for the Lord?

Has the Gospel Christianized your home?

O remember that the Gospel of Jesus has
done but little for us if it has not done this!