Happy, happy, happy day!

by Spurgeon

"Your eyes shall see him."

I have heard of him, and though I have not
seen his face, unceasingly I have adored him.

But I shall SEE him!

Yes, we shall actually gaze upon the exalted Redeemer!

Realize the thought!
Is there not a 'young heaven' within it?

You shall see the hand that was nailed for you;
you shall kiss the very lips that said, "I thirst;"
you shall see the thorn-crowned head,
and bow with all the blood-washed throng!

You, the chief of sinners, shall adore him who washed you
in his blood; when you shall have a vision of his glory!

Faith is precious, but what must sight be?

To view Jesus as the Lamb of God through the glass
of faith, makes the soul rejoice with joy unspeakable!

But oh! to see him face to face,
to look into those dear eyes;
to be embraced by those divine arms-
rapture begins at the very mention of it!

But what must the vision be when the veil is taken from his face,
and the dimness from our eyes, and when we shall talk with him
even as a man talks with his friend.

But it is not only vision, it is intimacy with him.
We shall walk with him, he shall walk with us,
he shall speak to us, and we shall speak to him.

All that the spouse desired in Solomon's Song,
we shall have, and ten thousand times more.

Then will the prayer be fulfilled-- "Let him kiss me with
the kisses of his lips, for his love is better than wine."

Then we shall be able to say-- "His left hand is under
my head, and his right hand does embrace me."

Then will he tell us HIS love--
Then he will rehearse the ancient story
of the everlasting covenant!
of his 'election' of us by his own true love!
of his betrothal of us through his boundless affection!
of his 'purchase' of us by his rich compassion!
of his 'preservation' of us by his omnipotence!
and of his 'bringing us safe' at last to glory
as the result of his promise and his blood!

And then will we tell to him OUR love--
Then into his ear will we pour out the song of gratitude,
a song such as we have never sung on earth, unmixed
and pure, full of serenity and joy, no groans to mar its
melody; a song rapt and seraphic, like the flaming sonnets
which flash from burning tongues above.

Happy, happy, happy day
, when vision
and communion shall be ours in fullness!

"To depart and be with Christ which is far better."