-Spurgeon, "Beginning at Jerusalem"

A religion which will not stand the test
of the fireside is not worth much!

If yours is a true, genuine, thorough conversion, I do not say
that you are to go up and down the street crying out that you
are converted.

But on due occasions you must not hide your convictions.
Do not conceal what the Lord has done for you,
but hold up your candle in your own house.

The power of a father's prayers with his arms about his boy's
neck I know full well. The power of a mother's prayers with
her children all kneeling around her is far greater than any
public ministry will be.

It is marvelous how the gospel spreads when men are
fervent, and their lives are right.

God make you so to live that you show piety at home.

Do not be dumb dogs, but speak up for your Lord and
Master whenever you are.