The etiquette of hell!

by Spurgeon--

Etiquette nowadays often demands of a Christian
that he should not 'intrude' his religion on company.
Out with such etiquette!

It is the etiquette of hell!

True courtesy to my fellow's soul makes me speak to him,
if I believe that his soul is in danger.

How many, my dear friend, were you ever the means of
bringing to Jesus? You believe that they must
eternally perish unless they have faith in Christ.

How many have you prayed for?
How many did you ever break your heart about?

You believe that they must love Christ or be damned.
How may have you ever talked to concerning him who
is the only Savior?

Are you satisfied to remain silent?

Are you content to let those around you sink to hell?

What! Never tell of Christ's love?

What! Never tell of salvation?

Can this be right?

In God's name wake up!