Entering heaven!


Wait a little, beloved Christian.
In a few more years you and I shall be carried
through the ether on the wings of angels.

I can imagine my death- the angels approach---
I am on the wings of cherubs.

Oh, how they bear me up- how swiftly and yet how softly.
I have left mortality with all its pains.

Oh, how rapid is my flight!
Just now I passed the morning star.
Far behind me now the planets shine.
Oh, how swiftly do I fly, and how sweetly!

Cherubs! what sweet flight is yours, and what kind arms
are these I lean upon. And on my way you kiss me with
the kisses of love and affection.

You call me brother. Cherubs; am I your brother?
I who just now was captive in a tenement of clay-
am I your brother? "Yes!" they say.

Oh, hark! I hear music extraordinarily harmonious!
What sweet sounds come to my ears!

I am nearing Paradise.

And, ah! there is the golden gate.
I enter in; and I see my blessed Lord.
I can tell you no more.
All else are things unlawful for flesh to utter.

My Lord! I am with you- plunged into you-
lost in you just as a drop is swallowed in the ocean-
as one single tint is lost in the glorious rainbow!

Am I lost in you, you glorious Jesus!
And is my bliss consummated?
Is the wedding-day come at last?
Have I really put on the marriage garments?
And am I yours?
Yes! I am.

There is nothing else now for me.
In vain your harps, you angels.
In vain everything else.
Leave me a little while.
I will know you by-and-bye. Give me some years,
yes give me some ages to lean here on this sweet bosom
of my Lord; give me half eternity, and let me bask myself
in the sunshine of that one smile.

Yes, give me this.

Jesus now speaks to me--
"Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love,
and now you are mine! you are with me."

Is not this heaven?
I want nothing else.
I tell you once again, you blessed spirits,
I will see you by-and-bye.

But with my Lord I will now take my feast of loves.

Oh, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
You are heaven!
I want nothing else.
I am lost in you!