The cream of heaven!

Spurgeon, "The Heaven of Heaven" No. 824.

"They shall see his face." Revelation 22:4.

It is the chief blessing of heaven, the
cream of heaven
, the heaven of heaven,
that the saints shall there see Jesus.

A sight of Jesus first turned our sorrow into
joy. Renewed communion with him lifts us
above our present cares, and strengthens
us to bear our heavy burdens.
What must heavenly communion be?

When we have Christ with us we are content
with a crust, and satisfied with a cup of water.
But if his face be hidden the whole world cannot
afford a solace- we are widowed of our Beloved,
our sun has set, our moon is eclipsed, our candle
is blown out.

Christ is all in all to us here, and therefore we
pant and long for a heaven in which he shall be
all in all to us forever.

Heavenly Paradise is intense spiritual fellowship
with the Lord Jesus- a place where it is promised
to faithful souls that "they shall see his face."

Spiritually our mental faculties shall be enlarged,
so that we shall be enabled to look into the very
heart, and soul, and character of Christ, so as to
understand him, his work, his love, his all in all,
as we never understood him before.

The babe in Christ admitted to heaven discovers
more of Christ in a single hour, than is known by all
the divines of the assemblies of the church on earth.
We only talk about these things now, we do not
really understand them. Brethren, in heaven we
shall dive into the lowest depths of fellowship with
Jesus. "We shall see his face," that is, we shall
see clearly and plainly all that has to do with our
Lord. This shall be the topmost bliss of heaven.

O how delightful it will be then to understand his
everlasting love; how without beginning, before
the earth was, his thoughts darted forward towards
his dear ones, whom he had chosen in the sovereignty
of his choice, that we should be his for ever!

We will come not to the sea's brink to wade into
it up to the ankles, but we will swim in bliss forever.
In waves of everlasting rest, in richest, closest
fellowship with Jesus, we will bathe in ineffable

Forever we shall lie in the bosom of Jesus, in the
nearest possible place of communion with him who
redeemed us with his blood.

Beholding Christ, his likeness is photographed upon us.
We become in all respects like him as we gaze upon
him world without end.