The Bottomless, Shoreless Sea of Infinite Joy!


In heaven, all inward evils will have been removed by
the perfect sanctification wrought in us by the Holy Spirit.

No evil of' heart, nor unbelief in departing
from the living God, shall vex us in Paradise.
No suggestions of the arch enemy shall be met
and assisted by the uprisings of iniquity within.

We shall never be led to think harshly
of God, for our hearts shall be all love.

Sin shall have no sweetness to us, for we shall
be perfectly purified from all depraved desires.

There shall be no lusts of the eye, no lusts of the
flesh, no pride of life to be snares to our feet.

Sin is shut out, and we are shut in.

We are forever blessed, because we are without fault
before the throne of God. What a heaven must it be
to be without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing!

Well may we cease to mourn when we have ceased to sin.

In heaven, every holy desire is gratified!

They cannot wish for anything which they shall not have.
Eye and ear, heart and hand, judgment, imagination,
hope, desire, will, every faculty shall be satisfied.
All their capacious powers can wish, they shall
continually enjoy. Though "Eye has not seen, nor
ear heard the things which God has prepared for
them that love him," yet we know enough, by
the revelation of the Spirit, to understand that
they are supremely blessed.

The joy of Christ, which is an infinite fullness of delight,
is in them. They Bathe Themselves in the Bottomless,
Shoreless Sea of Infinite Joy!