Better than winning the lottery!


Weigh the riches of Christ in scales and his treasures in balances
and then think to count the treasures which belong to the saints!

Reach the bottom of Christ's sea of joy, and then hope to
understand the bliss which God has prepared for them that love him.

Overleap the boundaries of Christ's possessions if you can, and
then dream of ending a limit to the possessions of the elect of God.

"All things are yours, for you are Christ's..."

What honor is conferred on you, believer, to be joint heir with
the King of kings, the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty
God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!

You came here today from your toil, and your bones
have scarcely forgotten yesterday's weariness; but
you are co-heir with him who rules all heaven!

You are come here in poverty and you will go home
to a scant meal in a narrow room, but you are co-heir
with him who made the worlds!

Come, lift up your head; envy no man his 'dukedom'; think
no man's 'princeship' worth your coveting; you are greater
than the greatest, for you are joint heir with Christ!

We are heirs of ALL things- heaven and earth, time and eternity,
things conceivable and inconceivable, finite and infinite, human
and divine. Christ's property extends to all, and we are co-heirs!

Oh! it is a glorious truth. Oratory may stand back, and
eloquence may hold her tongue. The doctrine must be stated in
its naked truth. She is, "when unadorned, adorned the most."
This glorious truth is most sweet when earth's honeyed words
are taken away, and most lustrous when we no longer attempt
to illuminate her with human language.

We are heirs with Christ!

All that he has, all that he is, therefore, belongs to us!