The best!
Winslow, "Christ's Presentation of His Church to God"

Beloved, what is heaven? What is the final
glory of the saints? Is it not the best place,
the richest inheritance provided by the Father
for the people ransomed and brought home
to glory by His Son.

Heaven is a place designated by God, chosen
and consecrated by Him for the Church redeemed
by the precious blood of His dear Son.

And when we enter there, we shall enter
as children welcomed to a Father's home.

It will be the best that God can give us!
He has ever bestowed upon us, who deserved
the least, the best in His power to bestow:
the best Savior,
the best robe,
the best banquet,
the best inheritance.

In the new heaven and the new earth there will be....
nothing more to taint,
nothing more to sully,
nothing more to embitter,
nothing more to wound;
no serpent to beguile,
no Eve to ensnare,
no spoiler to destroy,
no sin to defile,
no adversity to sadden,
no misunderstanding to alienate,
no tongue to defame,
no suspicion to chill,
no tear,
nor sickness,
nor death,
nor parting.

It will be the best part of the pure,
radiant, glorified universe which God
will assign to His people!

Saints of the Most High! let the prospect
cheer, sanctify, and comfort you! It will not
be long that you are to labor and battle here
on earth. It is but a little while that you are
to occupy your present sphere of conflict, of
trial, and of sorrow. The time is coming; oh,
how fast it speeds! Soon the Lord Jesus Christ
will bring you home to heaven, and will present
you a part of His glorious Church to His Father!

Oh, then, then, will come the reward of grace
which Christ will give to all those who have
confessed Him here on earth; who have
witnessed for His truth, endured suffering on
His behalf, and have proved faithful unto death.

The Lord grant that in that day we may be found
among the presented ones, to whom He will say,
"Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom
prepared for you from the foundation of the world!"