Be consistent!

Spurgeon- "Christ's People- Imitators of Him"

For Christianity's sake, strive to imitate Jesus.

Ah! poor Christianity, you have been sorely shot at by cruel
foes, but you have not been wounded one-half so much by
them as by your friends.

None have hurt you, O, Christianity,
so much as those who profess to be your followers.

Who have made these wounds in this fair hand of godliness?
I say, the professor has done this, who has not lived up to his
profession; the man who with pretences enters the fold,
being nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Such men, sirs, injure the gospel more than others-
more than the laughing infidel, more than the sneering critic,
does the man hurt our cause who professes to love it,
but in his actions does belie his love.

Christian, do you love that cause?
Is the name of the dear Redeemer precious to you?
Would you see the kingdoms of the world become the
kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ?
Do you wish to see the proud man humbled and the mighty
Do you long for the souls of perishing sinners, and are you
desirous to win them, and save their souls from the
everlasting burning?
Would you prevent their fall into the regions of the damned?
Is it your desire that Christ should see the travail of his soul,
and be abundantly satisfied?
Does your heart yearn over your fellow-immortals?
Do you long to see them forgiven?

Then be consistent with your religion.

Walk 'before God' in the land of the living.

Behave as an elect man should do.

Recollect what manner of people we ought to
be in all holy conversation and godliness.

This is the best way to convert the world;
yes, such conduct would do more than even the efforts
of missionary societies, excellent as they are.

Let but men see that our conduct is superior to others,
then they will believe there is something in our religion.

But , if they see us quite the contrary to what we avow,
what will they say?
"These religious people are no better than others!
Why should we go among them?"
And they say this quite rightly.
It is but common-sense judgment.

Ah! my friends, if you love Christianity,
be consistent, and walk in the love of God.

Follow Christ Jesus.