Any room for Jesus?

Spurgeon, "Christ's Incarnation, the Foundation of Christianity"

The palace, the forum, and the inn, had no room for Christ.

Have YOU room for Him?

"Well," says one, "I have room for Him, but I am not worthy
that He should come to me." Ah! I did not ask about your
worthiness; have you room for Him?

"Oh!" says another, "I have an aching void the world can
never fill." Ah! I see that you have room for Christ.

"Oh, but the room I have in my heart is so base!"
So was the manger at Bethlehem.

"But it is so despicable."
So was the manger a thing to be despised.

"Ah! but my heart is so foul."
So, perhaps, the manger may have been.

"Oh, but I feel it is a place not at all fit for
Christ!" Nor was the manger a place fit for Him,
and yet there was He laid.

"Oh! but I have been such a great sinner! I feel as
if my heart had been a den of evil beasts."
Well, the manger had been a place where beasts had fed.

Make room for Jesus! Make room for Jesus now!

He will come to you, and He will cleanse the manger of your
heart; nay, more, He will transform it into a golden throne,
and there He will sit and reign for ever and ever!

Jesus is willing to find a home in every
humble heart that will receive Him.

Here is the Son of God made flesh,
have you room for Him?

Here is He who can forgive all sin,
have you room for Him?

Here is He who can take you up out of the horrible pit,
and out of the miry clay, have you room for Him?

Here is He who, when He comes in to your soul, will never
go out again; but will abide with you for ever, to make
your heart a heaven of joy and bliss through His presence!

Have you not room for Him?
That is all He asks, room.

Your emptiness, your nothingness, your lack of goodness,
your lack of grace -- all these will be but room for Him.

It is a splendid act of Divine grace, that He should
take us, who were heirs of wrath, and make us heirs of
God, and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ!