Amends for all!

Spurgeon, "The Beginning, Increase, and End of the Divine Life"

Christian, there is a cheering prospect
for you 'beyond the river death'.

Faith shall give place to fruition.
Hope shall be occupied with enjoyment.
Love itself shall be swallowed up in ecstasy.

My eyes, you shall not forever weep;
there are sights of bliss for you.

Tongue, you shall not forever have to mourn,
and be the instrument of confession;
there are songs and hallelujahs for you.

Feet, you shall not always be weary with this rough road;
there are celestial leapings for you.

O my poor heart, often cowed and broken,
often disappointed and trodden down,
there waits for you the palm-branch and
the robe of victory, and the immortal crown!

Courage, Christian!

The way may be rough, but it cannot be long.

The 'end' will make amends for all the toil that
you can endure when on the road.