What more could he offer?

Spurgeon, "Between Two Appearances"

The sacrifice of Christ cannot be measured unless
we could compute the infinity of his deity.

His sacrifice was himself- what more could he offer?

There, on the altar, the Son of God placed himself,
and there he bled and died that he might be the victim of
punitive justice, the substitute for guilty men!

There on the cross, he was to God a sweet smelling savor,
because he made it possible for the Lawgiver to be "justly

When you study the death of your lord,
unless your heart is like an adamant stone,
you must be bowed down with grief.

The visage of him who was heaven's glory,
was more marred than that of any man.

He whose brow was from the beginning surrounded with
majesty, had his forhead and temples torn with a coronet of

Those blessed cheeks that were as beds of spices,
were stained with spit from the lips of menials!

His face, which was the joy of heaven,
was buffeted and bruised by mockers!

His blessed shoulders, which bear up the world,
were scourged with knotted whips until the blood ran down
in crimson rivers as the ploughers made deep furrows.

How could they flout him so?

Was it possible that my Beloved should be scorned,
slandered, spit upon and condemned as a felon?

Found guilty of nothing except 'excess of love to mankind'
he was led away to be crucified!

The rough soldiers nailed him to the cross,
and lifted up the rough tree for all to gaze upon.

I wonder that the angels could bear it!
It seems extraordinary that they should look on
while men were taking their Lord and Master,
and driving bolts through his hands and feet,
and lifting his sacred body upon the cruel tree!