The softest pillow and the strongest staff?

From Spurgeon's sermon, A BASKET OF SUMMER FRUIT

I am persuaded that the doctrine of predestination is one
of the 'softest pillows' upon which the Christian can lay
his head, and one of the 'strongest staffs' upon which
he may lean, in his pilgrimage along this rough road.

Cheer up, Christian!

Things are not left to chance!

No blind fate rules the world!

God has purposes, and those purposes are fulfilled!

God has plans, and those plans are wise,
and never can be broken!

Your trials always come to you at the right moment--
The language of your faith should be, "Great God, I leave my
times and seasons in your hand, for well I know if you smite me
again and again, and again, it is that you may multiply blessings
to me, that my manifold trials may produce in me manifold

So be of good cheer, my hearer. He knows when your strength
is spent, and you are ready to perish, then shall the Sun
of Righteousness arrive with healing beneath his wings.
Your deliverances from trouble shall always come to you in
time enough; but they shall never come too soon, lest you
be proud in your heart.

Learn, believer, to be resigned to God's will.

Learn to leave all things in his hand.

Tis pleasant to float along the 'stream of providence'.

There is no more blessed way of living, than the
life of faith upon a covenant-keeping God--
to know that we have no care, for he cares for us;
that we need have no fear, except to fear him;
that we need have no troubles, because we have cast our burdens
upon the Lord, and are conscious that he will sustain us.