One tremendous draught of love!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "The Old, Old Story"

Christ took every sin of all his people, and suffered every
stroke of the rod of punishment on account of those sins.

He had compounded into one awful draught
the punishment of the sins of all the elect.

He took the cup; he put it to his lips;
he sweat as it were great drops of blood
while he tasted the first sip thereof,
but he never desisted, but drank on, on, on,
till he had exhausted the very dregs,
and turning the vessel upside down he said,
"It is finished!"

And at one tremendous draught of love,
the Lord God of salvation had drained damnation dry!

Not a dreg, not the slightest residue was left;
he had suffered all that ought to have been suffered;
had finished transgression,
and made an end of sin for his people.

Look to that death on Calvary--
those five wounds,
that bleeding side,
the vinegar,
the nails,
and the spear.

There is a melting power there which
is not to be found in all the world besides.