Look! Look!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "The Eternal Name"

Look! Do you see yonder thief hanging upon the cross?

Behold the evil spirits at his foot, with open mouths;
charming themselves with the sweet thought,
that another soul shall give them food in hell.

Behold the death-bird, fluttering his wings
over the poor wretch's head.

'Vengeance' passes by and stamps him for her own.
Deep on his breast is written "a condemned sinner."

On his brow is the clammy sweat, forced from him
by agony and death.

Look in his heart; it is filthy with the crust of years of sin;
the smoke of lust is hanging within in black festoons of
darkness-- his whole heart is hell condensed.

Now, look at him- he is dying. One foot seems to be in hell;
the other hangs tottering in life--only kept by a nail.

There is a power in Jesus' eye. That thief looks to Jesus;
he whispers, "Lord, remember me."

Turn your eye again there. Do you see that thief now?
Where is the clammy sweat? It is there.
Where is that horrid anguish? It is 'not' there.
There is a smile upon his lips.

The fiends of hell, where are they? There are none-
but a bright seraph is present, with his wings outspread,
and his hands ready to snatch that soul, now a precious jewel,
and bear it aloft to the palace of the great King.

Look within his heart now; it is white with purity.
Look at his breast now; it is not written "condemned,"
but "justified."

Look in the book of life: his name is graven there.

Look on Jesus' heart: there on one of the precious stones
he bears that poor thief's name.

Yes, once more, look!
Do you see that bright one amid the glorified,
clearer than the sun, and fair as the moon?
That is the thief!

That is the power of Jesus to save!