God on a cross!

From Spurgeon's sermon, THE WAY OF SALVATION

Remember, he who died upon the cross,
was no less than the everlasting Son of God!

Do you see him there?

Come, turn your eye once more to him.

See his hands and feet trickling with streamlets of gore?

That man is Almighty God!

Those hands that are nailed to the tree,
are hands that could shake the world!

Those feet that are there pierced have in them,
if he willed to put it forth, a potency of strength that
might make the mountains melt beneath their tread!

That head, now bowed in anguish and in weakness,
has in it the wisdom of the Godhead, and with its nod
it could make the universe tremble!

He who hangs upon the cross yonder, is he without whom was
not anything made that was made: by him all things consist -
Maker, Creator, Preserver, God of providence, and God of
grace- he who died for you is God over all, blessed for ever!