Spurgeon- "The Incarnation and Birth of Christ"

Oh! we love the sublime doctrine of eternal absolute

Some have doubted whether predestination is consistent
with the free agency of man.

We believe that man does as he pleases,
yet notwithstanding he always does as God decrees.

Man does as he wills; but God makes him
do as He wills, too.

No, not only is the will of man under the absolute
predestination of Jehovah; but all things, great or
little, are of him.

There is nothing great or little, that is not from him.

The summer dust moves in its orbit, guided by
the same hand which rolls the stars along.

The dewdrops have their father, and trickle on the rose leaf
as God bids them.

Yes, the sear leaves of the forest, when hurled along by the
tempest, have their allotted position where they shall fall, nor
can they go beyond it.

In the great, and in the little, there is God working
all things according to the counsel of his own will.

And though man seeks to go against his Maker,
yet he cannot.

Everything is ordained by God!

Unto Him who guides the stars and sparrows,
who rules planets and yet moves atoms,
who speaks thunders and yet whispers zephyrs,
unto Him be glory!